I am  an associate professor of Finance at Emlyon Business School, France. My research interest is Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPO, Merger and Acquisition. I focus on understanding how information frictions affect the fund raising and economic outcomes of young, small, and innovative companies, and how social networks mitigate those frictions. Before joining Emlyon Business School, I worked at the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

Curriculum Vitae (Mar 2023)

Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPO, Merger and Acquisition

Working Papers

Social networks and Venture Capital Investment Around the World w/ Hannah Nguyen. Working paper, 2022. Link

– City University of Hong Kong 2022, AFBC2022*, Hitotsubashi University 2022.

Social Connectedness in Mergers and Acquisitions w/Hannah Nguyen and Harry Pham. Working paper, 2021. Link

– Monash University 2021*, MFA Chicago 2022, Queen Mary University of London 2022.

Navigating Investment Decisions with Social Connectedness: Implications for Venture Capital, Working paper, 2021. Link

– FIRN Corporate Finance 2021*

Is Social Capital Valuable? Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions with Jo-Ann Suchard and Wang (Janice) YueLin. Link 

– Asia-FA2021*, FIRN Corporate Finance 2021*, AFBC2021

Venture Capital and Method of Payment in Mergers and Acquisitions w/ Harry Pham. Working paper, 2021. Link

– Waseda University 2020, FMA Europe 2021.

Selected Publications

Cumming, D., Nguyen, G., & Nguyen, M. (2022). Product Market Competition, Venture Capital, and the Success of Entrepreneurial Firms, Journal of Banking & Finance, Forthcoming. Link

Nguyen, G, & Vo, V. (2021). Asset Liquidity and Venture Capital Investment, Journal of Corporate Finance, 69, 101963. Link

Nguyen, G., & Vu, L. (2020). Does Venture Capital Syndication affect Mergers and Acquisitions, Journal of Corporate Finance, 67, 101851. Link

Nguyen, G., & Nguyen, H. (2019). Does Seller Status Matter in Inter-corporate Asset Sales, Journal of Banking & Finance, 100, pp. 97-110. Link